2.Run For Your Life
3.When I Get Back Home To You
4.Better Not Fuck With Me
5.Since You Said Goodbye
6.My Addiction (Let's Go Fool Around)
7.Turn Back Time
8.Stay The Night
9.Someday I'll Be There For You
10.Can't Find My Way
11.Until We Meet Again
12.Let's Do It Right
13.Lay It On The Line
15.You Can't Take It Back
16. Better Not Mess With Me

 Download our first single - "FALLING"n"

1.She Said
3.Turn It Up!
4.What Goes Around Comes Around
6.Signs Say You’re Leaving
8.Waiting For You
9.Careful What You Wish For
10.What Have We Done
11.I Can’t Read Your Mind
12.Perfect Day
13.Hit The Road (Instrumental)
14.Gameday (The Big House)
15.Take Me To The Other Side
16.Laze Daze
17.Want You Back This Christmas
18.Hit The Road (Acoustic V2)

1.Another Second Chance
2.I’ve Had Enough
3.Take Another Dollar
4.Brass Pole
5.Take Me To The Other Side (Explicit)
6.High Street Shuffle
7.Hit The Road
8.Do You Wanna Party
9.Bad Juju
10.Sinister Girl
11.Do You Wanna Party (Club Mix)
12.Turn It Up! (Instrumental)
13.Gameday (The Jungle)
14.Waiting For You (Full Band Mix)
15.Falling (Acoustic)
16.Waiting For You (Acoustic)
17.Be Careful What You Wish For (Acoustic)
18.Want You Back This Christmas (Acoustic)




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30 years in the making - give or take a year or two, our first three albums are finally released. We've written so many songs in the past 3 years, we had to put out 3 albums with 41 original tracks plus 11 Bonus tracks. Three albums in one year, setting the new standard for rock! Be the first to hear it on our Music page, MySpace, and Facebook!

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