Digital Family Archive - The Ultimate Keepsake

Digital Conversion & Preservation Services

The same great services we offer to athletic teams are available to you for preserving your families memories.  We can preserve on DVD, videos of your wedding, vacation, holiday events, school plays, recitals, or work with you to produce custom videos & slide shows for special events like weddings, anniversary’s, surprise birthday parties (40, 50, 60, 75), school projects, and wakes or funerals.

Our High Quality Nikon Scanners can product high resolution scans from 2" 35mm slides, complete with dust correction.


•VHS, 8MM, DV Simple Conversion  $15
•DVD Copies  $8
•Simple Slide Shows (From Digital Photos - no music)  $40
•Custom Slide Show  $50/hr
•Custom Video Production  $50/hr
•Custom DVD  $40
•Custom Case & Artwork  $10
•Custom Song  $2
•3x5 or 4x6 Picture Scanning  $0.35 each
•Slide & Negative Scanning  with dust correction $0.40 each

Team Package  $20/Each DVD

Includes a 15-30 minute season highlights video plus 1.5 Hours of complete game footage of your choice.  Includes DVD Case, Artwork, Music.

•25 DVD’s (Minimum Order Required)

Contact Us For Package Pricing at 513-697-8330 or email us at

DVD Memories For Champions

In today’s fast paced society, youth sports participation begins at an early age.  Our children spend more time playing sports than we could have ever imagined in our childhood, but as years go by, we are left with only fading memories, numerous team photos stuffed in shoe boxes, and stacks of tapes that are deteriorating and rarely get watched.

What’s amazing, is that of all our possessions, our pictures and videos of our children and family are the most precious, priceless, and irreplaceable, yet most families have not taken the time to properly preserve them, or get much use out of them.

Sports Reel has set out to revolutionize how we capture and preserve our family memories by being the first to deliver custom highlight videos of your sports champion, preserved on DVD at an affordable price.

Click Here To See Sample Soccer Video

Creating your highlight DVD for your Champion or sports team is easy.  There is always someone filming the game, or snapping photos.  Simply gather you raw footage and photos, and we will professionally edit, and produce a professional highlight film on DVD, complete with case, artwork.  Productions can include:

•Practice Motivational Segment
•Highlights Segment
•Player Introductions Segment
•Cheerleader Segment
•DVD Menus & Chapters, Titles
•Raw Game Footage
•Popular Background Music
•Professional Transitions
•Your Team Artwork & Logos
•DVD Case
Preserve Your Memories
Did you realize your old VHS, 8mm, and DV tapes will event all go bad?  If you have tapes that are over 10 years old, they already are going bad.  DVD’s however, will last a lifetime

Easy Access

When’s the last time you watched those old home videos?  Why?  Most likely because it is too much video to find the footage you want to watch.  DVD’s make it easy to skip to your favorite clips.   Eliminate stacks of VHS, 8mm, and DV tapes that never get watched.

Better Than A Photo

How many times have you paid $40 for the team photo, only to have it stuck in a shoe box with other photos.  The DVD memory can include your photos and so much more for a comparable price.

Pro Production

Your DVD video memory will have the look and feel of the pros, as if you had gone to the movies.  The combination of pro video editing and effects, enhanced with a music soundtrack will create a video memory sure to touch your heart.

Save Time
Even if you have the skills and equipment, raising your family leaves little time to produce a highlight video on occasion, let alone with every sports season.  Pro videos at affordable prices make it easy to capture your memories
Share The Memories

Once your video and photo memories have been digitized, it is easy to share the memories with loved ones.  Additional copies can be made at any time for the grandparents, friends, or even as highlights films for recruiters.