Adjustable Wiffle Ball Strike Zone

Coming soon - Available in Spring 2009

* Unambiguous Balls & Strikes
* Light Weight
* Adjustable Height
* Collapsible
* Integrated Case
* Portable
* Easy Storage
* Durable
* Proven

Only $59.99
+ Shipping & Handling

* Designed For Tournament Play
* Great For Kids
* Great For School Gym Class

Patent Pending: US 11/466,943

The Strike Zone Pro was designed to make it easy to call balls and strikes when playing wiffle ball without anumpire or other neutral party. Since wiffle ball is typically played in the backyards by both children and adultsfor fun, availability of an impartial person or player to call balls and strikes is not likely.

To eliminate the need for an umpire during wiffle ball, the strike zone is a small apparatus designed to restbehind home plate, and in front of the catcher, that represents the imaginary strike zone used to call balls and
strikes. Determination of balls and strikes is very simple, and unambiguous with the strike zone, such that ifthe ball when pitched during wiffle ball hits the strike zone, it is considered a strike, and if it misses the Strike
Zone Pro, it is a ball. As a result, the calling of balls and strikes during wiffle ball play is made much easierwhen an umpire is not present by eliminating ambiguity of judgment by players from either team. The endresult is reduced arguing and fighting, and more time for the fun of playing wiffle ball.