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The PLM pros team has over 40 years of PLM related process, engineering, and marketing experience to help companies plan PLM deployments, and PLM software companies develop business, marketing, and sales strategies for success. The PLM pros team has years of PLM experience with, SDRC, EDS, UGS, and PARTsolutions.



“Integrating our software product demos and sales presentation into a simple, yet compelling, pitch for executive buyers had been a challenge for our technical team. Chris Will of Will Gear was able to come in and quickly get our sales presentation and demonstrations aligned around our core advantages. Now our introduction to sales prospects drives right to the point, making it is easy for any executive level prospect to clearly understand our value proposition. Chris’ grasp of complex technologies combined with his strategic marketing thinking helped elevate our marketing collateral to generate higher quality leads and accelerate our ability to get engaged with a prospect.”

Dan Meyer, President Comet Solutions, Inc.


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